AR 150 150 Matelas Lapensee Mattresses


“We usually do not write testimonials for items like mattresses. However we feel that Les Matelas Lapensée deserves that we make an exception to our rule. We discovered Les Matelas Lapensée by watching an advertisement on TV, at a time when we were thinking of changing our mattress. We were intrigued by the advertisement for several reasons: it is a company we have never heard of before; it has a French name; it has a store on the Ontario side, and, more importantly, it offer solid wood boxes made of wood slats. We naturally went to see Les Matelas Lapensée.

Martin, the associate who greeted us at the Orleans store, was quite pleasant to deal with. He was courteous, professional, personable. He filled us in with very interesting and helpful information such as: it is a local company which manufactures its own mattresses (no middleman, and we like the idea of encouraging local companies, especially French-Canadian companies); it is now the 4th generation, Pascal and Valérie, who carries the torch and continues the tradition; the benefits of having pocket coils and wood boxes vs. spring boxes (no sagging and no need to buy another foundation for the next mattress). After listening to Martin, we were able to make the informed decision of buying our mattress and foundation on the spot. The delivery people were courteous and efficient. They did not just deliver the products; they also adjusted our old railing from Double to Queen and fit the new legs into our old bed frame, patiently and efficiently. The only hiccup was that the fabric we chose for the mattress has been discontinued, which we didn’t know. Denis, the associate to whom we spoke about our disappointment, offered to take the issue to the top. Finally, everything was resolved to our satisfaction and we receive a very nice set of sheets and pillow of good quality.

We are very pleased with what we bought at Les Matelas Lapensée. We encourage people to take the time to drive to one of their stores and see for themselves the quality of all the products that Les Matelas Lapensée has to offer. ”

AR – Greely, ON

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