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When you buy a Lapensée Mattress directly from the factory, you benefit from over 115 years of experience and expertise in the mattress industry. Since there is no middle man between the manufacturer and you, the quality vs. price ratio of our mattresses is far superior than any other mattress found in retail stores –  regardless of how sensational their sale prices might look.

Browse through our different collections to find the optimal mattress for you, whatever your needs and budget may be.

Our mattresses collections


Here’s the perfect solution: a durable, comfortable and affordable collection.


Long-lasting and top-of-the-line comfort for all sorts of budgets and needs.


The most luxurious mattress in the world! Pamper yourself, you deserve it!


A guarantee of strong support and comfort while eliminating the pressure.

Pocket springs

They blend with the natural shape of your body for a personalized support.

Natural foam

One step up from everything else on the market. A soft and luxurious foam.

Memory foam

Sensitive to temperature, memory foam keeps you cool on a dry surface every night.

Natural latex

These mattresses are designed with the purest and most luxurious organic cotton fabric.

Sofa bed mattresses

If your sofa bed has become uncomfortable over the years, simply change the mattress and it will be just as new!

Baby mattresses

Your little ones deserve the best comfort in the world, just like you. We have the size you need for your child.

Custom mattress

Don’t hesitate to contact us for customized mattresses, whether for your boat, your RV or any other size.

Pet mattress

Prove to your pet that you are the best master of the universe by offering him his own mattress!