Made in our very own factory, pocket coils enhance your sleep experience by helping your body

Pocket springs

Pocket springs

The pocket coil, without a doubt, is the most popular type of mattress construction because of its wonderful comfort and many other benefits! The pocket coil conforms to the unique contours of a person’s body and reacts intelligently to it – adjusting instantly to individual sleep movements.



A pocket coil is a spring mattress where all the springs are placed in individual antibacterial fabric pockets and attached together. The advantage of having the pocketed springs is, among other benefits, the complete motion separation. You won’t be disturbed by your partner’s movements during the night.

Every single Lapensée coil is made in the Lapensée factory located in Gatineau, Québec.

The wire used in making the Lapensée Pocket coil is heat-treated at 600 degrees Farenheit before being coiled into the perfect shape designed by Mr. Lapensée himself to provide long lasting comfort and support in your dream Lapensée mattress.

Our cutting edge technology allows us to coil two separate wires at the same time, making one spring turn clockwise and the other counter-clockwise.

Pocket springs
Pocket springs

This unique and revolutionary construction helps to:

Counter-balance the weight being put on the mattress
Prevent sagging
Eliminate “roll-together” sensation
Enhance stability
Make your new mattress fully reversible and flippable


  • Breathable: Pocket coils make a very breathable mattress, keeping you cool night after night.
  • Reversible: Both surfaces of your Lapensée mattress are just as comfortable.
  • No motion transfer
  • Back Support and pressure relief: Experience the immediate comfort and softness delivered from the top and bottom of the coil while the firm and responsive middle part of the coil offers essential body support.
  • Durable: Every one of our high-tensile carbon-steel coils is stress-relieved and compressed for lasting resiliency. The coils will hold their designed shape and resist sagging, feeling the same at home as they do in the showroom even after many years of use.
Pocket springs

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