Jim Fulton 150 150 Matelas Lapensee Mattresses

Jim Fulton

“When I learned from their commercial that Lapensee Mattresses were made in Gatineau I wanted to check them out because I like to shop local when possible. My sister needed a mattress too, so we…

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AR 150 150 Matelas Lapensee Mattresses


“We usually do not write testimonials for items like mattresses. However we feel that Les Matelas Lapensée deserves that we make an exception to our rule. We discovered Les Matelas Lapensée by watching an advertisement…

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Sara Flynn 150 150 Matelas Lapensee Mattresses

Sara Flynn

“I am very happy with this mattress and box spring and extremely sorry I didn’t buy sooner. I am sleeping better and believe I am having less back problems. ” Sara Flynn

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Anonymous 150 150 Matelas Lapensee Mattresses


“I was very satisfied with the service and confident that I would receive a quality mattress with quality materials. Also like to support local manufacturing.”

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Eric Barnes 150 150 Matelas Lapensee Mattresses

Eric Barnes

“Sales rep was very helpful and polite. Delivery men were extremely polite and efficient well mannered young gentlemen. My hats off to them!” Eric Barnes

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Brian Carty 150 150 Matelas Lapensee Mattresses

Brian Carty

“After wasting our time at the well known mattress chains, we decided to go to Lapensee in Gatineau to see what they had to offer. I’m so glad we did this. Absolutely no pressure or…

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Diane 150 150 Matelas Lapensee Mattresses


“I purchased a new mattress and box spring from the Orleans store in November 2013 and have now had 2 months of wonderful sleep , happy with the product and recommend your mattresses to friends…

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Sandra and Rene 150 150 Matelas Lapensee Mattresses

Sandra and Rene

“Just a quick note to thank you for your attendance, assistance and guidance in the purchase of a mattress best fitted for us. Your knowledge, committment and passion for your family’s product as well as…

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Roger Still 150 150 Matelas Lapensee Mattresses

Roger Still

“I bought one of your mattresses from Luc about 12 (?) years ago, and it’s still firm and comfortable. Considering how much time I spend in and on my bed, I’d say that was not…

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Yves & Linda May A. 150 150 Matelas Lapensee Mattresses

Yves & Linda May A.

”SUPER! OUTSTANDING! SLEPT LIKE A BABY!!! Can’t tell you how much we appreciate your service & product. We came into your store the day we were leaving for camping (crazy, I know…), shopping for a…

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Jacqueline G. 150 150 Matelas Lapensee Mattresses

Jacqueline G.

“I want to thank you for the great service I received at your store on the purchase of a new mattress set. From the moment I stepped into the store I was impressed by the…

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Robert St-Jean 150 150 Matelas Lapensee Mattresses

Robert St-Jean

“Bonjour, I recently purchased my first Lapensée mattress at your new Orleans location. I had been researching mattresses for the past year and performed a comparison with many stores (The Brick, Leons, Sears, The Bay,…

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