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Frequently Asked Questions


Most standard and non-standard size mattresses are manufactured at the Gatineau plant and shipped within approximately 2 weeks of ordering.

If desired, we will deliver and install the new mattress to your home. Although we take great care to avoid any damage to the floors or walls, we are not responsible for any scratches/dents to the floors or walls due to delivery.
Mattress deliveries are mostly in the Ottawa/Gatineau area. However, if you require delivery outside the region, arrangements can be made at the time of the sale.

For accessories purchased through our online store, you can follow your order at any time as long as it leaves our factory to your home.

At Lapensée Mattresses we have all types of sizes (single, double, queen, king and even custom!) and several firmnesses to suit your needs (very firm, firm, semi-firm, soft and very soft). We also have a variety of products for your bedroom such as sheet sets, pillows, bed frames, wood boxes etc. Our sleep experts are able to guide you and recommend the bestmattress for your needs, for those who suffer from back problems or for those who simply want to get a better, more refreshing night’s sleep.

When purchasing a pillow for example, which one should you choose? A pillow with goose feathers? An orthopaedic pillow? Latex or memory foam? Soft or firm? Many people do not take the necessary time to make an informed and educated decision. However, after choosing the perfect mattress, a pillow is the icing on the cake when it comes to getting the best comfort and support, from head to toe!

We also offer financing for your new purchase with Accord D which allows you to make monthly payments. Inquire in store regarding this easy, convenient way to put off paying for your purchase right away. Sleep comfortably, starting today!

When you buy a Lapensée Mattress directly from the factory, you will benefit from over 100 years of experience in the mattress industry. The quality/price ratio for our mattresses cannot be compared when buying in retail stores.
We have mattresses of all types, all levels of comfort, quality and prices to suit every budget!

Come visit one of our showrooms and let our sleep experts guide you towards the best mattress and wood foundation set to suit your needs.

Are you sleeping well? Are you concerned about comfort? In a world that is more and more demanding with regard to performance, it is essential to recognize the importance of a good night’s sleep. A mattress is one of the purchases that most affects your quality of life. Did you know that we spend at least one third of our lives asleep? A good night’s sleep helps fuel your body and renew your mind so you can you have a good day and feel healthier.
Once you’ve chosen the size of mattress you need, you will then choose the mattress model which best suits your needs. We have identified 4 major criteria that influence the purchase of a mattress:


The relative importance assigned to each criterion varies enormously from one consumer to the next.The relative importance assigned to each criterion varies enormously from one consumer to the next. Do you want a very comfortable, very durable mattress and are less concerned about price? Or are you looking for a low-priced mattress that is still very comfortable but won’t be used as frequently or that doesn’t necessarily need to last 15 years?
Whether for a master bedroom, a child, a baby, the cottage or the guest room, you will find that we have everything you need.

When you purchase your first Lapensée Mattress, the short answer is YES.
Lapensée mattresses are best suited for our solid wood boxes. Wood slats made from 2×4’s ensure a solid foundation for any type of mattress, whether made from foam, springs or pocket coils. We believe that flexible springs belong ONLY in the mattress and that a more solid platform box eliminates sagging and motion transfers between partners.
Our wood boxes are PERMANENT which means you most likely won’t have to replace it again !
Not all types of bed structures require a box. Some beds have a full platform at a desirable height and are therefore suitable for a mattress alone. Unlike most mattresses on the market, our mattresses still hold their guarantees when placed on a solid platform bed because a platform mimicks our wood boxes.
If you have an existing box spring that is made from springs, it is essential to replace it with one of our permanent solid wood boxes to ensure that your mattress performs at its highest potential.
Our solid wood boxes come in several different heights to suit your personal needs:
1 ½’’, 3’’, 4’’ 6 ‘’ 8’’

When you shop for a mattress, it is essential to take the time to try it out and listen to your body so that you have a good indication as to the firmness that best suits you.
A mattress doesn’t necesarily have to be very firm to provide adequate back support. However, it is important for the mattress core to be firm. The ideal mattress has a solid core (whether it be springs or foam) and a comfort layer on the top to ensure a peaceful nights rest.

For more advice and a personalized service to help you find the mattress set, visit our showroom where our specialists will attentively and effectively guide you towards the perfect nights sleep.

Twin or single : 38’’ X 74’’
Double : 53’’ X 74’’
Queen : 60’’ X 80’’
King: 76’’ X 80’’


All dimensions subject to an industry standard variance of +/- 0.5″ (1.27 cm)

YES. We manufacture our own mattresses and wood boxes and can therefore build you a customized set according to any specifications.
Whether you need a California King size, a ¾ bed (48 x 72) or something special for a camper/RV, we can manufacture anything you can dream of !
However, you also need to consider the articles that complement the purchase of a non-standard mattress: sheets, bed structures, mattress covers and comforters must also be custom made.

We deliver to most areas in the Ottawa/Gatineau region. Should you require special delivery, arrangements can be made at the time of the sale.
Also, standard sized mattresses are in stock at the factory at 1085 Boul. de la Carrière in Gatineau, so pick-up is also an option.

Most of our mattresses can be manufactured and delivered in about a week and half. We require about a week to produce any special orders.

We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MC, American Express), direct payment and cash. We also offer Accord D financing which allows you to make interest free payments over 6 months, 12 months, 24 months or 36 months. See in store for more details.

YES. What a great gift idea! Offering a good nights sleep to one of your loved ones is an ideal way to show that you’re taking care of them. Choosing a mattress, pillow or duvet for someone else can prove to be a difficult task. Everyone deserves to sleep well and that is why a gift certificate from Lapensée Mattresses is the very best option.

Sleep soundly !
We guarantee you will rest comfortably in your new Lapensée Mattress. However, if after a few weeks you are not satisfied with the firmness of the mattress you’ve chosen, we will gladly modify it within 90 days of purchase!

An advantage of being the manufacturer means that we are able to modify the comfort of your mattress directly at our Gatineau factory so that it completely suits your needs.

We feel that modifying your existing mattress is the most hygienic, convenient way to ensure our customers find their perfect mattress set.
** Proof of purchase required. No transportation fee will apply in the Ottawa/Gatineau area (150$ in the Montreal area). **

We offer a warranty of up to 20 years on our products!

Series Warranty
Comfort Luxurious and Luxurious 14″ 20 years
Comfort Excellence and Excellence 12″ 15 years
Comfort Elegance and Elegance 10″ 12 years
Comfort Royal 10 years
Comfort Elite and Elite 10″ 10 years
Classic and Classic 8″ 8 years
Essential and Essential 6″ 5 years
**The mattress is under warranty for the number of years specified above, the warranty covers all manufacturers defects. Transportation fees are additional. Warranty is only valid if your mattress is used with a corresponding box. The warranty excludes fabrics. Any stains on the mattress will void the warranty.
We also offer a Comfort Guarantee on all our mattresses after purchase.