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Eugène Lapensée

At the age of thirteen, a young man from the Hull/Wrightville area (now the city of Gatineau) discovered the world of mattresses and upholstery. With determination, he built himself a reputation as a good worker. In 1902, Eugène Lapensée founded his company.

For several years, Eugène dedicated himself to making and repairing mattresses, selling accessories and upholstering furniture. With his sons, he operated several stores in three different cities: Hull, Pointe-Gatineau and Masson.

The mattresses manufactured by Mr. Lapensée back then did not resemble in any way the ones we know today. Back then, the materials most often used were wool, feathers and even wood, in the form of shavings, which were used to absorb the shock. A little later, in the mid-1940s, springs were introduced to the manufacturing processes at Mr. Lapensée’s factory. Each spring was pocketed individually by hand and tied with string to eventually make a mattress. The process was very advanced for the time, today the concept of pocketed springs is still used around the world.